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Marie-Catherine Marusarz

Marie-Catherine Marusarz polska wersja

I've been riding side saddle for about ten years only because I didn't have any opportunity to try before. I'd always dreamed of riding side saddle but whenever I asked an instructor when I was young, he would look at me as I was a Martian and didn't think much of my quest. They all clearly felt that it was a girl's backward fancy.
So I stopped asking but kept that idea in the back of my mind until one day I accompanied a friend to my former riding stables and who did I see in the arena? An elegant lady riding side saddle! I dared approach her and ask if she could teach me but she tried to discourage me saying that she was not interested in ladies fancying to ride that way once or twice just because they wore a nice costume.
As I insisted she eventually agreed to let me have a try and see if I really meant to progress. So I did and I was lucky enough to be taught by the best and most elegant French amazone: Daniele Rosadoni who competes in high level dressage contests.
First I rode a huge and adorable mare but whose possibilities were limited in spite of her good will so I started looking for a horse of my own and six years ago I met Peter Pan, a six- year-old Lusitano stallion who has taught me a lot and accepted quite happily to be ridden side saddle. He has a strong and fearless personality but he is very reliable and loves being petted. Plus he trusts me completely and will do whatever I ask him...generally.
As far as I'm concerned, I hate competition but enjoy shows very much. In France, side saddle is apparently having a new start essentially thanks to a few persons who are doing their best to promote it with the International Championships each year in June in the Lion d'Angers in the west of France and the Salon du Cheval in Paris in December.
I've been trying to find out whether there were ladies riding side saddle in Poland for several years. I was very happy to receive the letter about association and I'll be very happy to be a member of the Sidesaddle Association of Poland.